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Mu Software Solutions began as an idea in mid 2013 when founders were perplexed by the general lack of awareness and misconceptions about high quality software developments and their usage. Tired of providing regular routine support especially related to security vulnerabilities in various proprietary software to friends, family, colleagues and their businesses, the founders decided to work in the direction of bringing high quality enterprise IT solutions based around them in the vicinity of general people and their business.

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The Team

Mu Software Solutions represents a group of software professionals who are dedicated to contributing towards increasing awareness and usage of high quality software’s and also encourage ethical software development related practices among the general users. We strongly believe in our philosophy that high quality doesn't have to come at a high price and that every one of us has the freedom to do computing in their own way. The major activities of Mu Software Solutions revolve around Mobile Applications, Cloud applications, Enterprise Solutions and Software Development based according to specific user needs. The company works towards providing individual, modular and end to end solutions and is fast emerging as a complete solutions provider. Our ultimate objective is to make you technically self-dependent so that you are always in control of your business and profession without getting into the actual technical details too much. We provide high quality, high availability software solutions to save you from proprietary vendor lock-ins and unjustified exorbitant costs.

Our Commitment

To deliver value to our clients, we focus exclusively on areas where simplified business operations and customer communications are most critical to their success. This enables us to build and bring deep expertise and resources to help our clients manage complex business situations.

Our Vision

Dedication to provide the perfect customer experience. As we pursue our individual tasks, our culture ensures that we understand how we fit into the bigger picture to serve you better.

Our Mission

Complexity is a fact of life in virtually every business process and operation today. At Mu we Evolve, Innovate, Adapt to every growing technology. This helps to make better decisions, communicate more clearly and provide our customers with greater value at lower cost.

Our Work


Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing has suddenly jumped to the top of mind of most enterprises and this interest is driven by a desire to significantly improve business and IT agility, and lower IT costs. How can a business face the constant change, with less resources and more economically? Business forces have caused IT to try to figure out how to provide flexible services faster, but, without large, up front investments. Mu creates customised cloud solutions for providing the necessary flexibility and responsiveness needed to achieve significant business value. Manage your people, money, customers, suppliers – even your entire business – in the cloud with the most comprehensive cloud computing solutions.

Our expertise lies in designing and delivering cloud solutions based on platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services(AWS). In fact, a lot of our clients use virtual servers that exist on the cloud only. This not only saves them from the hassle of investing in expensive hardware but also saves them from hiring dedicated resources to maintain such servers. Cloud hosted virtual servers allow us to expand and contract the processing power as the traffic and demand increase or decrease. So in low traffic and demand conditions, you may have just one or two servers running. But during vacations and holidays or festivals when the traffic increases, you can increase to four or five servers to balance the load properly. For a lot of micro and small businesses, we set-up, manage and maintain their virtual servers over cloud platforms like Azure and AWS. We decide for them which cloud hosting is better, what plans are suitable for their needs, set-up the individual instances and finally look after these servers. This provides them a one point stop catering to all their needs without them getting involved with unrelated and complex technologies. For them, it's just us to ask for set-up, maintenance, changes and up gradation. This however, doesn't mean that you'll get locked in with our services. We maintain complete transparency and at any point should you desire, you can move all your servers under your own control. We'll gladly help you with the knowledge transfer and even provide training and assistance should you need it. This provides immense benefits to you as the consumer of this entire process in comparison to getting a web hosting, email hosting and development services separately.We let you focus on what you do best... your business, while we focus on taking care of the servers and providing you with development services that compliments your efforts.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Companies need a mobile strategy roadmap to successfully capitalize on mobile technology and evolving user behavior. We help you discover, define and deliver your mobile vision – allowing you to move forward with confidence. A comprehensive mobile strategy considers not only features and functions but how your customers or employees actually use mobile technologies. Offering a full spectrum of innovative mobile technology solutions to a wide range of industries and business functions. Combining the best-of-breed applications and platforms, we implement and manage mobile solutions that are flexible, scalable and in sync with your business needs.

You can extend the reach of your business or service by providing your customer’s mobile applications that can access all the various facilities of your website or your web service without using their mobile device's browser. Customers always prefer options that avoid them the usage of their mobile browser. Mobile applications always help you and your business provide this ease of use and expand the reach of your services.Our expertise lies in developing Xamarin Applications, Android applications, iOS applications, Windows Phone applications


Xamarin is a platform providing a C# shared codebase with native user interfaces that can be used by developers to write native Android, iOS, and Windows applications. This can share code across multiple platforms as well. We have made applications using Xamarin platform for various services and domains. These include apps from social networking and media sharing sites to applications for providing booking and shopping services to various shops and service providers using secure channel communications for credit card,paypal and direct debit transactions.

Web solutions and applications

In a constantly evolving business landscape, it is imperative to future-proof your business and realize the full potential of technology breakthroughs while sustaining profitability in a competitive world. Product and software development: We operate development teams as businesses, focusing on delivery excellence and continuous productivity increase, turning cost centers into value centers. Business platforms: We design, deploy and maintain cross-functional processes and systems for product life cycle management, telecom network operations, innovation and collaboration, and manufacturing automation using best-of-breed approaches, mixing commercial software with custom integration.

Cloud Solutions

We offer web application development to provide the 'brains' of your website making your website dynamic and providing the various functions and features like a shopping cart, online purchasing, online invoicing etc. You can even provide content dynamically based on geographic location or time of day! You may provide little widgets on your website that may offer updated news or latest currency conversion rates using a web application. Our web application experts have been developing and integrating web applications for clients from different industries. These range from online service providers for social networking and media sharing to individual businesses that offer their specialised services over the web. As with all services that we offer, our approach is to understand your unique requirements before we offer you any kind of assistance.

Client Testimonials

"Mu Software's work has impressed us on multiple levels.The very fact that we have associated with them for multiple projects spread over the last 2.5 years is testimony to the fact that they are our preferred development partners. We get maximum flexibility, agility and transparency with them. It has indeed been a pleasure interacting with the developers and project managers at Mu Soft."

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